November Special Speaker

Apostle Natasha Grbish
Ariel Gate Ministries

Meeting Times:

Saturday November 11th 7:00pm
Sunday November 12th 10:30am


Natasha Grbich is an apostle and the visionary leader of House of Ariel Gate. Our mission is identify and develop spiritual strategies in order to fulfill kingdom mandates.

Natasha has trained and empowered intercessors for many years serving under Dr Gwen Shaw as her Director for Africa. After 22 years, Sister Gwen blessed and released Natasha to establish Ariel Gate. She has been a member of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) since December 2004. Natasha was commissioned as an Ambassadorial Apostle for ICA in November 2012.

At Ariel Gate they believe that kingdom intercession is one of the keys that will unlock the destinies of nations, tribes, tongues and people groups, freeing the Ekklesia to fulfill the commission of Matthew 28 - the discipling of nations. As stewards of this key, AGIHOS is committed to training others in kingdom intercession and developing teams to serve other apostolic houses and leaders. Our annual schools and conferences and the ongoing release of cutting-edge resources are the vehicle through which this training is accomplished at present.

Apostle Bill Hamon prophesied to Natasha that she has been called by God to raise a Gideon 300 Army. Kingdom intercession and stewardship of the mysteries of God form an integral part of Natasha’s mandate – a mandate that is not limited to the church sphere. Her strategic, spiritual input is increasingly being sought after by marketplace and government leaders. This has led to Natasha’s present focus on establishing a network of influential leaders and empowering them to fulfill their Kingdom initiatives.

Her passion is to see the Body of Christ united, walking in its destiny and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven - thereby leaving an inheritance for the generations to come.

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