August Special Speaker

Dr. Suuqiina
Indigenous Messengers International

Meeting Times:

Sunday January 22nd @ 6pm

Dr. Iglahlq Suuqiina has a PHD in Theology. He served as a pastor for 21 years and served locally as a hospital and police Chaplain. He is an impressionistic oil painter, ivory carver, and jewelry craftsman. He is a concert pianist performing on several musical productions. He is a published author of books and an experienced pilot. He served on the Board of Directors for the Thirteenth Regional Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation and was a charter member of International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Iglahliq Suuqiina and Qaumaniq Suuqiina, C.E.A.P., codirect Indigenous Messengers International. They are founding members of the Indigenous Christian Association and Dr. Suuqiina has served on the planning team of the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous Peoples. They are instructors for the U.S. Center of World Missions and have served as instructors for the International School of Reconciliation. They served for several years as the North American Representatives for a Jewish organization in Israel.

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